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A Consultancy & Holding Company

We are a holding company that invests in and operates software, services, and content startups. Our new endeavour titled "datum.ai," is focused on Applied Data Sciences and the development of Machine Learning decision support pipelines for our clients. 


datum AI

Our new venture, focusing on Applied Data Sciences. We help our clients develop and implement Machine Learning decision support piplelines.


9dimensions ®

Our Delivery and Value Assurance Services™, a SaaS focused on Risks and Returns for invesments our client's made in their People, Process, and Technology.

Boroumand MediArt

Boroumand MediArt

Our R&D and publishing company, focused on content in both fiction and non-fiction domains.



ChumWorld™ , our horizontal SaaS solutions, dedicated to blending real life with social networking.


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