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Portfolio & Program Management

When you’re done with your “PMO 1.0”, with its status aggregation, bitwise project selection and bubble charts, and are ready for true Delivery and Value Assurance™ capabilities, then give us a call.

Our approach is the most effective and efficient means by which our clients have reduced project failure rates from an average of 70% to less than 10% ($2+ Billion under management.)

We can tell you if a project will succeed or not, and its TCO, before you spend a dime on it.

Custom Software Development

We design and build powerful custom software products for our own needs, as well as our clients'.

We have successfully designed and built over two dozen large scale enterprise class software utilizing both waterfall and agile delivery methods, from SaaS to Client-Server.

We specialize in multi-tenant SaaS for consumers and the Fortune 500; with one being used by millions of users, and another used to manage billions of dollars in projects.

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